Thursday, August 1, 2013

Starting a blog

Summer's almost over for teachers and I promised myself that I would start a blog this summer.      

So here it goes:

     Who am I?  I am a child of God, the wife of Mike, the mother of Zachary and Elizabeth and a lover of life! I'm also a sister, a step-mother, a mother-in-law, an aunt, a neice, a cousin, a sister-in-law, and a friend.  I love to learn new things and share them. I like teaching people.  I teach PE to elementary students. I teach crafts and help out with high school youth at church. I have a license to teach cosmetology that I haven't used, but I did do hair for many years and always tried to teach my clients how to make their hair look when they leave the salon.  I've taught Sunday school, led Girl Scouts, coached soccer, and taught pre-school. 
     I've been sewing and crafting as long as I can remember and I'm hoping that through my blog I can share some helpful tips for others who enjoy fabric arts.  I also am striving to become a healthier person and want to share the recipes, activities, and home products that I'm learning about, creating, and using.  
     I've learned much from what other folks have blogged and really appreciate their time and efforts.  After all, shouldn't we share the good things that we know and help make the world a better place?  I think so.  I named the blog "Far more than diamonds..." from Proverbs 31:10 which describes finding a good wife.  I believe the strongest calling I have had in my life is to be a good wife and mother and maybe someone can use what I've learned to also pursue this high calling or whatever calling they hear.  God bless!

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